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The Original Smoke Out/Odor Out Candles by
Coachlight Candle Factory trained Candle Makers

The CandleLady Smoke Out/Odor Out Candles

We have been making the original Smoke Out / Odor Out Candles and other Highly Scented Candles developed by Coachlight Candle Factory in Clemmons, North Carolina for over fifteen years.

Our Smoke Out / Odor Out candles will simply amaze you. They contain enzymes which actually kill the molecules in odors and virtually wipe them out. Unlike most "odor eliminating" candles which merely mask odors our Smoke Out/Odor Out candles actually do eliminate them and are 100% guaranteed to do so.

All of our candles are highly scented, long burning, even burning and keep their fragrances right down to the bottom of the jar. The wax and wick combination we use assures you the candle will never "tunnel" regardless of the shape of the container. This means the candle melts evenly all the way down, never down the middle.



Scented Wax MeltsEvery culture throughout history has found ways to distill herbs, spices and flowers into perfumes, lotions and oils for both medicinal and pleasurable uses. Every day we benefit from inhaling aromas whether from expensive perfumes, the aroma of fresh flowers or by filling our homes with the scent of candles, oils or potpourri. The memory evoking, the healing and the mood changing powers of scents go much further than this however. From ancient to modern day times flowers and other plants have been distilled into oils for medicinal uses for healing our bodies and for aromatherapy.

After a trying day relax in a warm bath while burning our stress relieving "Serenity Aromatherapy." It smells wonderful and is our top selling regular scented candle. Lavender is also a stress relieving aroma. Doctors recommend "Eucalyptus" for sinus and asthma sufferers. Eucalyptus helps open breathing passages and promotes free breathing. Green Apple is said to aid in relieving headaches. Citrus fragrances such as lemon and lime are said to promote energy and peppermint is known for easing nausea and for aiding in concentration. Bayberry, the tradition yule candle, brings back memories of Christmas as a child for many people. The benefits of aromas are unlimited.
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